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flower foodflower food

flower food for fresh cut flowersflower food for fresh cut flowers

Bigger Size — Same Price!

We found a new package supplier that had a significant price discount and we passed those savings on to you — it’s as simple as that!

While most companies are playing fast and loose with your wallet and downsizing their products, we’ve taken a different approach: we deliver a better flower food for fresh cut flowers in a larger package at no extra cost. We’re investing in our customers by passing our savings directly on to you.

cut flower foodscut flower foods

Boost Your Blooms with Caffeine

Just like adding coffee grounds to living plants stimulates growth, our caffeine-infused solution can help your cut flowers perk up and take in the hydration and nutrients they need to stay fresh and beautiful longer. It’s a new approach to cut flower foods that is like no other!

long lastsing flowerslong lastsing flowers

This Month’s Flower Recommendation

Looking for long lasting flowers? Check out Alstroemeria (also known as Lily of the Incas) is the perfect flower bouquet for a cost effective and long lasting flower to brighen any room and make your flower dollar go farther. Easy to find and reasonably priced they represent wealth, fortune and prosperity. And best of all, with proper care, we’ve had the flower easily last 20 days with our formula!

Most flowers last only 4-7 daysFlower Boosters can extend your bouquet’s life to an average of 9-20 days (or more!)

The longer they last, the more you save. Our new larger size Flower Boosters pouch contains enough to treat average-sized bouquets, such as those from warehouse or grocery stores, for several months (depending on vase size).

Follow the link on the package to learn about other flowers that give you more for your money.

cut flower foodcut flower food

Get More Bang for Your Bouquet!

Discover the Secret Life of Flowers. The truth is some flowers will never live very long. But others are greatly underperforming their potential. The secret to getting more from your flowers is choosing the right flowers and giving them what they crave to live as long as they possibly can! Each variety has a unique life cycle, and some, like chrysanthemums, can last 7-10 days in plain water. But our tests, using flowers from a warehouse store, have defied expectations, lasting up to 33 days! The key? It’s all about the type of cut flowers you choose, how fresh they are when you buy them, and adding Flower Boosters as a cut flower preservative to your vase water.

Flower Boosters is for mixed flower bouquets and is NOT formulated specifically for roses. If roses are mixed in your bouquet see the special care instructions on the package for help with delicate flower care.

flower food for fresh cut flowersflower food for fresh cut flowers

Give Flowers What They Crave

cut flower foodscut flower foods

Unleash Savings, Week by Week.

long lastsing flowerslong lastsing flowers

Discover the Secret Life of Flowers

cut flower foodcut flower food

Discover the Secret Life of Flowers

cut flower foodcut flower food

flower food for fresh cut flowersflower food for fresh cut flowers

fresh flowersfresh flowers

It’s As Easy As 1-2-3

Trim cut flower stemsPlace flowers in clean water treated with Flower Boosters cut flower foodRepeat every 2-4 days

Peace of Mind

Check the label on other products. What do they use? Most won’t tell you. But we do.

Worry no more about the safety of your loved ones around a flower food for fresh cut flowers that won’t share what they use. Flower Boosters boasts transparent labeling that details our non-toxic formula ingredients so you can use it with confidence around children and pets or even on edible flowers — because we only use food grade preservatives — with no harmful chemicals to ensure a quality product you can feel good about using.

Buy Your Fresh Flowers Anywhere

We used $10 warehouse store cut flowers in our tests but where you buy your fresh flowers doesn’t matter. Whether you pick up your flowers at the grocery store, farmers markets, your local warehouse store, a fancy florist, or grow them yourself, Flower Boosters will make anybody’s fresh flowers better. Designed to work as general fresh flower food for mixed flower arrangements this unscented formula will enhance a wide variety of flowers helping them live longer, and stronger.

cut flowerscut flowers

The Fresh Cut Flowers Plant Food Your Bouquet Will Crave

How do your flowers look after 2 weeks? Before we launched Flower Boosters we spent over a year testing our formula on the types of flowers you would buy: grocery store flowers, warehouse store flowers, flowers that were delivered and flowers from our local farmers market. Flower Boosters helped them all live longer and bloom bigger in side-by-side comparisons so we are sure you will get longer lasting blooms no matter where you buy your flowers.

fresh cut flowersfresh cut flowers

Longer Lasting Bouquets Start Here

Choose the fresh cut flowers food that perks up your flowers and extends them longer than you ever thought possible. Most cut flowers die after 4-7 days and never even fully bloom! Our formula is developed to give fresh cut flowers what they crave to fully open and live long, vibrant lives.


Every Bouquet Deserves To Live Longer

Your flowers don’t have to wilt and die so quickly — if you give your fresh cut flowers what they need to live longer, more vibrant lives. Once a flower is cut, it no longer has access to the nutrients it got from the soil. That’s why what you put in the vase water is so much more important than just plain water. Flower Boosters is like an energy drink for your flowers, giving them what they need to live longer and stronger than ever before.

flower bouquetflower bouquet

How Long Can Your Flower Bouquet Last?

This flower bouquet we bought from a warehouse store lasted 33 days! How long your flowers will last depends on the variety of flower and how fresh they are when you buy them — and how you treat them after you bring them home. Cut flowers need so much more than just plain water to live life to their fullest. Make sure you give your flowers what they need — they will reward you more value from every flower purchase.

cut flowerscut flowers

Better Looking

fresh cut flowersfresh cut flowers

More Vibrant


Longer Lasting

flower bouquetflower bouquet

Better Value

made in the usamade in the usa

Look For Signs Your Flowers Are Not Fresh

made in USAmade in USA We would deeply appreciate you leaving a favorable review on Amazon

Trusted reviews mean everything on this platform and we are committed to never buying fake reviews.

As a budding Central Valley California USA small business (in the heart of farm country), your voice holds incredible power to help Flower Boosters flourish and bring joy to flower lovers worldwide. We’re sincerely grateful for your support and want to help with any questions or concerns.

Please reach out if you need assistance!

Why you should support us:

Made In the USA with ethical sourcing: We prioritize responsibly sourced materials from other small businesses for a guilt-free floral experience We show ingredients– while other floral products hide their ingredients, we always proudly show you what you are using because we have nothing to hide Pet-friendly: our non-toxic formula is safe around pets, ensuring peace of mind Eco-conscious packaging: our resealable pouch minimizes waste, while our non-sticky powder formula ensures spill-free, leak-proof storage Customer-centric support: our dedicated team is here to assist you on your flower journey with a personal touch

How To Choose Better Flowers

Make A Better Flower Purchase

The reality is, not all flowers will live a long time. Some flowers are old before you buy them and some need special care. Here is what to look for to get the best flowers available:

Look for flowers that don’t have alot of cut branches (that indicates they have already had to be pruned to make them look fresher) Be aware that “sale” price may mean a shorter flower life — no matter what you do — because they want to clear out old inventory Look for green and vibrant stems – dark stems or yellow on leaves can be a sign of stress – also loose or yellowed pollen indicates flowers are already past their prime Smell: most commerical flowers won’t have much or any smell. If you detect a musty or unpleasant odor, pass on that bouquet, it’s already older than you think Delayed blooming: if flowers always seem to take a long time to open, they probably were treated with suspension chemicals too long (either slow moving inventory at the store or long transit times) Be aware that some retailers will “mix” old and new flowers to try to maximize their inventory. Look carefully at a bouquet to make sure all the flowers look fresh and consistent Be aware of natural flower life spans. Chrysanthemums will naturally live longer than roses or tulips. Some flowers (like roses and tulips) need special care. Be sure to check our package for links to special care instructions

Choose A Flower Food For Fresh Cut Flowers That Last!

cut flower food packetscut flower food packets

floral suppliesfloral supplies


Elevate Your Flower Experience

You may have received those free cut flower food packets for fresh cut flowers when you bought your flowers, but do you ever feel like they don’t really help? That’s because those packets contain the same formula professional flower sellers use to suspend flowers during transit – but they fall short in providing lasting care once you bring them home. Flower Boosters is a floral food designed to unleash the full potential of your cut flowers after you buy them — for up to 20 days or more of flower freshness.

Pick Floral Supplies That Make Flowers Last

After cutting flowers, their survival depends on absorbing nutrients from the water. That’s where Flower Boosters shines. Our advanced formula stimulates the stems, encouraging better water uptake and nutrient absorption. Witness the transformation as your flowers stay hydrated, bloom bigger, and maintain their freshness like never before. It’s one of the best floral supplies for cut flowers because it focuses on keeping flowers alive after you bring them home.

Special Care Instructions

Be sure to check out the link on our package for special care instructions related to roses, tulips and daffodils.

Flower Boosters is for general mixed flower bouquets and is NOT formulated specifically for roses. If roses are mixed in your bouquet see the special care instructions on the package for help with delicate flower care.

We are also in the process of releasing a new rose care line so stay tuned for an announcement soon!

Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 9.72 x 6.57 x 1.18 inches; 12.5 ounces
Item model number ‏ : ‎ FB12OZ
Date First Available ‏ : ‎ November 29, 2022
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Advance Mints LLC
Country of Origin ‏ : ‎ USA

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